Choral Scholar Profiles

A Choral Scholarship at Jesus College offers unrivalled musical opportunities, as well as the chance to be part of a close-knit community. Scholars develop musically through free singing lessons every term, numerous concerts with professional soloists and orchestras, annual recordings, and concert tours all around the world. The Choirs at Jesus College pride themselves on creating a friendly and supportive atmosphere in which musicians can perform at their best, and this is helped by regular social events during both term-time and vacations. Other perks include subsidised accommodation outside of Full Term, several College feasts each year, and a contribution towards the cost of dinner in Hall for every service sung.

Julia Sinclair (fourth-year Engineering student):

"As an Engineering student, I have found that singing with Jesus College Choir has allowed me to combine perfectly the experience of being part of a chapel choir with a structured work timetable. Singing regular services has given me the opportunity to learn many beautiful and varied choral works such as the Frank Martin Mass, Byrd's Tribue Domine, and Walton's The Twelve alongside Beethoven's Missa Solemnis which we performed with Sir Roger Norrington. As well as receiving free vocal tuition, I have also had the chance to travel to many parts of the world, with recent all-expenses-paid tours to America and India. Working with the charity Songbound, the Choir visited schools in the slums of Mumbai, where we sang with young children in several animated musical workshops. These experiences have been both thought-provoking and inspirational and have made the experience of singing with Jesus Choir both musically exciting and personally unforgettable."

Louis Wilson (third-year Natural Sciences student):

"When I first joined the College, I was worried about balancing the demands of a science degree with the responsibilities of a choral scholarship, but it quickly became clear that the combination is not a difficult one to achieve. Today, I am without a doubt that I made the right decision to audition. Performing with a world-renowned choir in the setting of a twelfth-century chapel is the perfect antidote to a stressful day of work, but not only that; being a choral scholar has opened up a huge number of opportunities that most students of the College will simply never experience – from free tours to the other side of the globe to an unparalleled musical education under the direction of Mark Williams (not to mention a healthy amount of food, drink and parties). At the beginning of first year, being in the choir immediately brokered a number of long-lasting friendships, and since then, being part of the Cambridge music scene has allowed me to meet so many new people. To sing in Jesus College Choir is to be part of a warm and supportive family of like-minded people, and being a part of that family has been a major factor in enjoying my time here."

Sapphire Armitage (second-year Music student):

"Singing with Jesus choir is a continually fulfilling experience for me. Performing fantastic music to a very high standard with some of my closest friends, in the beautiful setting of Jesus Chapel, is a privilege unlike any other. Being in the choir affords me exciting opportunities beyond evensong, from lavish dinners to international tours to the chance to perform with some of the best ensembles in the country. As a music student, the range and variety of repertoire covered from week to week is a wonderful way to bring my degree to life and consolidate what I learn in lectures. As a singer, the vocal tuition and occasional masterclasses we receive mean that we improve both as choral singers and as soloists. In all, the rich experience of being in Jesus Choir is altogether unique and a superb way to shape my time at University from a musical and social perspective."

Amatey Doku (third-year HSPS student):

"Singing in the choir at Jesus is an incredibly rewarding experience. It's refreshing to have that dedicated time set aside throughout the week where you can focus on something completely different to your studies and to sing with a group of dedicated musicians on a regular basis. Before coming to university there is also the worry about how you might fit in socially and with choir everyone gets on really well as we're brought together around this common interest. Outside term we also have the opportunity to go on tours and to sing in venues at home and abroad. On the recent choir tour Sri Lanka we had the opportunity to do workshops with local school children as well as tour the length of the magnificent country, with a particular highlight being singing in a chapel with no walls! The choir has been such an integral part of my life at Jesus and has certainly given me opportunities which I’ll never forget."